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VAGO Luggage Compactor

$75.00 ex. Vat

This ultimate travel essential will compress any soft items in your luggage at the touch of a button to free up 50% of the space of your luggage. Also helps to eliminate odors and bacteria in your bags. Comes with 2 re-usable and heavy-duty 50cm x 40cm storage bags.

VAGO is a small device you can easily carry-on during the travel. It can compress the clothes automatically. Therefore, it creates extra space within your baggage.

We believe VAGO can create a whole new experience as an essential travel tool.

This small device compresses the soft things automatically and creates extra space within your luggage. VAGO equipped with a smart sensor to detect pressure and therefore able to automatically stop after full compression. Travellers can use the general Micro USB cable for the power supply same as your phone. Can also use portable battery to recharge VAGO.

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