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A passion for innovation and performance is what defines us. With constant travel the norm having your work and personal life electronic tools at your fingertips is more of a necessity than a luxury. Our mission; to make your journeys as efficient as possible with our range of travel accessories. With our range of travel accessories constantly developing product line and uncompromising pursuit for functionality, durability and attention to detail, we endeavor to always have a range of travel product that are tailored to meet the needs of both the local and global traveler.

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Scanning Mouse

A new revolutionary scanner mouse! The Akita ScannerĀ Mouse is a portable scanner that can scan documents in seconds and then upload them to your preferred file format including Word, Excel, JPEG & PDF, to name a few, from which the document you uploaded can then be edited. Scanner Mouse can also scan your documents in up to 199 different languages through the inbuilt OCR technology. Scanner Mouse will translate it for you to your preferred language option. This Scanner Mouse also lets you share instantly whatever you scanĀ  on to your favorite social media platforms. Others can also search whatever you’ve scanned as you can upload yours scans on to Google images! It is a portable document scanner that can also function as mouse! So it really is the perfect must have gadget. Full list of features given below.

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Gifts for Technology and Travel Lovers

Gifts for Technology and Travel Lovers