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A passion for innovation and performance is what defines us. With constant travel the norm having your work and personal life electronic tools at your fingertips is more of a necessity than a luxury. Our mission; to make your journeys as efficient as possible with our range of travel accessories. With our range of travel accessories constantly developing product line and uncompromising pursuit for functionality, durability and attention to detail, we endeavor to always have a range of travel product that are tailored to meet the needs of both the local and global traveler.

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Fitness Band

The Akita LifeBalanz fitness band provides valuable insights in to your daily activities.

This fitness band counts all your steps. It also monitors your heart rate and sleep patterns.

The LifeBalanze works in unison with a free App that offers a safe and secure place to store your daily results. The App also provides a visual analysis of your results and gives you a target management system so your goals can become achievable. The LifeBalanz auto-updates via the app when your phone is in range therefore there is no need to manually sync the data. The fitness band also stores historical data up to 3 months.

This fitness band simultaneously functions as a watch. Extremely lightweight. On a single charge lasts for 10 days and is water resistant and dust proof.

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